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Here are links to a few of my talks, presentations and articles to augment those posted here.  If there are any you would like more information on, or other articles I’ve written that you would like copies of, please let me know.

Dray, S. (2014) Corazones en tus pies: Diseño centrado en el usuario para el desarrollo social (Hearts on Your Feet: Human Centered Design in Development) Keynote at MexIHC, Oaxaca, Mexico, November, 2014 (presented in Spanish)

Dray, S. (2014) Hearts on Your Feet- Human-Centered Design For Development Presented at Thunderbird School of Global Management, Arizona State University, Phoenix, AZ, October, 2014.

Siegel, D., Sorin, A., Thompson, M., & Dray, S. (2013) Fine-tuning user research to drive innovation. Interactions, 20[5], September-October

Dray, S. (2014) Challenges at the Bottom of the Pyramid: An Ethnographic Study of South African Mobile Phone Users. Case Study presented at CHI 2014, Toronto, Canada, April, 2014.

Dray, S. (2014) Questioning assumptions: UX Research That Really Matters. Interactions, 21[2], March-April.

Dray, S. (2013) What the world can learn from Africa (and what Africa can learn from the world)Keynote at INTERACT 2013, Cape Town, September, 2013. Also presented at the iHub, Nairobi, Kenya

Dray, S. (2013) Change the World! Expand our Reach! Human-Centered Design for Development. Presented at UXPA 2013, Washington, DC.

Siegel, D. & Dray, S. (2011) A Professional Empiricist Manifesto. Interactions, 18 [4], July-August.

Dray, S. (2011) Risky business: Making User-Centered Design a strategic part of business. Invited talk presented to UPA China, September.

Dray, S. (2011) You’ve only got an hour! Now DO something!”: Gaining leverage when resources are limited. Presented at UXPA 2011, Washington, DC.

Dray, S.  (2009) Engaged scholars, thoughtful practitioners:  The interdependence of academics and practitioners in user-centered design and usability. Journal of Usability Studies, 5(1), 1 – 7.

Flynn, D., Lovejoy, T., Siegel, D., & Dray, S. (2009) “Name that segment!”: Questioning the unquestioned authority of numbers.  Paper presented at EPIC 2009 (Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference), Chicago, IL.

Siegel, D. and Dray, S. (2007) Contextual User Research for International Software Design. Presented at Human Computer Interaction International (HCII 2007) conference in Beijing, China.

Siegel, D., Reid, B., and Dray, S. (2006) IT security: Protecting organizations in spite of themselvesInteractions, Special issue on security, 13[3], May-June.

Siegel, D. & Dray, S. (2005) Avoiding the Next Schism – Ethnography and UsabilityInteractions, 12[2], March-April.

Dray, S., Siegel, D & Kotze, P. (2003) Indra’s Net: HCI in the Developing World Editors’ introduction to special issue of Interactions, 10[2], March-April. (Also co-edited the issue)

Frohlich, D., Dray, S. & Silverman, A. (2001) Breaking up is hard to do: Family perspectives on the future of the home PC. International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 54[5], May, 701-724.

There are certainly many more articles, presentations, etc.   For more information, my CV is here (CV Susan Dray 3-17-17).  If you’re interested in any of them, please let me know.

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