Inside the UX Studio

In 2015, I was awarded the SIGCHI Lifetime Achievement in Practice Award, and went to Seoul to present a session-long talk which is described and linked to below.

I was pleasantly surprised, then, in 2016, to be awarded the UXPA UX Lifetime Achievement Award.  Being recognized by both organizations, the academic one (SIGCHI) and the practitioner one (UXPA) feels wonderful.

At the conference, Chris Hass, a former president of UXPA under whom I had the pleasure of serving as Director of Publications, interviewed me in a lovely, informal manner.  (Terry Gross, watch out!) and I had a great time doing it (despite a horrible cough)

Here is the link to it:

In case you are interested in seeing the Original Dr. Dray at work doing a wrap-up of the key things we need to do in the form of a rap (of course) with the UXPA Board as backup dancers! 

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